The Devour combines the best parts of goggles and sunglasses to give exceptional coverage and protection. Developed for a seamless fit with the new Kortal helmet, the Devour give protection similar to goggles but with the freedom and flexibility of sunglasses. With an adjustable nosepiece and fully adjustable temples, including length, it’s easy to find a secure and comfortable fit. The frame design maximises peripheral vision, and the lens features Clarity technology for optimum vision while riding the trails. An extra, clear, lens is included and it’s easy to swap lenses when riding in different conditions. Lenses feature Ripel anti-dirt and anti-scratch coatings for optimal vision on every ride. • Sunglasses suited to enduro riding, giving same eye coverage as goggles • Adjustable nose piece • Adjustable temples (length and grip) • Clarity lens • RiPel anti-dirt and -water treatment • Anti-scratch treatment • Shaped for exceptional field of view • Interchangeable lens • Comes with an extra lens (clear) • Comes with polishing cloth FRAME COLOUR: Uranium Black FINISH: Matt MATERIAL: Grilamid NOSE/EAR PIECE: Hydrophilic rubber LENS Clarity Road Deep Green Mirror BASE COLOUR: Translucent Grey MIRROR COLOUR: Deep Green LIGHT CONDITION: Category 3: Full Sun VISIBLE LIGHT TRANSMISSION: 10-11% MATERIAL: PC lens by Carl Zeiss VLT EXPLAINED Visible Light Transmission (VLT) describes the percentage of light in the environment that reaches your eye after passing through the lens. A lower number corresponds to a darker lens. Generally speaking, a higher VLT lens will suit lower light conditions, and a lower VLT lens will suit brighter, sunnier conditions.