The OneUp Dropper post is now available in 120mm, 150mm, 180mm and 210mm lengths and all can be shimmed down in travel by 10 or 20mm. 

We've been obsessed with shaving every last millimeter from the latest OneUp post to give you the the shortest stack height and shortest total length of any dropper post. No other post can get your saddle lower.

Still starting from $199 USD with free shipping worldwide, cable actuated with reliable sealed cartridge internals for easy home servicing and includes travel adjust shims allow you to custom tune your post to dial in your perfect length.

The dropper market is dominated by expensive big brand posts and generic catalog shopped posts with different logos. We want to offer something better, a post with class leading specs, innovative useful features AND real value. Want more from your dropper? Get OneUp.


Travel adjust shims allow you to custom tune your post to dial in your perfect length.

Cable actuated for easy installation and a simple no bleed remote

Ergonomic remote paddle position

Reliable sealed cartridge internals

User replaceable cartridge only $60 USD

Easy to service at home

2 year warranty


Shortest total length of any dropper

Shortest stack height of any dropper

New upper DU Bushing in the upper collar 

Increased bushing overlap and durability

100-210mm post lengths in 10mm increments.

20g lighter


Drop 120mm, 150mm, 180mm, 210mm adjustable*.

Diameter 30.9, 31.6, 34.9

Routing Internal only

Remote Compatibility:

SRAM Matchmaker X - SRAM MMX clamps

Shimano I-spec-EV - 12 speed XTR M9100, XT M8100 and SLX M7100

Shimano I-spec II - 11 speed XTR M9000, XT M8000, SLX M8000 only

22.2mm Bar Clamp - All other groups 10 speed SHIMANO

Cable clamping remote only (post requires cable stop to be assembled at base of post)

Travel Reducing Shim Reduces travel by up to 20mm.  


Post Only

(30.9) 120mm 435g / 150mm 480g / 180mm 525g / 210mm 570g 

(31.6) 120mm 450g / 150mm 500g / 180mm 545g / 210mm 590g 

(34.9) 120mm 545g / 150mm 605g / 180mm 660g / 210mm 710g 

Remote Only

Remote with 22.2mm Bar Clamp - 46g

Remote with SRAM Matchmaker X / I-spec-EV - 43g 

Remote with Shimano I-spec-EV - 43g 

Remote with Shimano I-spec II - 41g

Housing and Cable (1300mm installed length) - 50g

Patented drop rail clamp (10,370,051) other patents pending

Warranty 2 Years