Produced by combining our latest, tested, ultimate technologies to create a more robust, longer-lasting road tire while maintaining the speed, comfort and control you know from our handmade construction.

Excellent cut & puncture-resistant qualities with both our GANZO PPS under the tread and our CORAZZA Armor for improved sidewall protection.

Handmade - Every Challenge tubular and open tubular is produced by hand. This handmade process minimizes the use of heat treatments and specifically avoids the industry-standard extreme heat treatment called vulcanization. By resisting these common practices, Challenge is able to provide the ultimate quality standard in high-performance products. Our handmade production allows our treads, casings and inner tubes to maintain their original suppleness and flexibility, achieving the best grip for controlled cornering, rapid accelerations and flat-out speed. A supple Challenge tire is able to absorb and reduce harmful vibrations passing from the road to the body, normally produced by riding stiffer vulcanized tires, ultimately reducing muscle stiffness, inflammation and fatigue.
Puncture Protection System (PPS) - The Puncture Protection Strip is a special aramid fabric placed between a tire’s tread and casing to increase resistance to punctures. Some tires designed for use on rough roads, cobbles and gravel receive PPS2, an additional layer of PPS between the casing and the inner tube.

Open Tubular - An open tubular is constructed using the same casing and tread materials and process as a tubular, but instead of sewing the casing together (closed), the sides of the tubular casing are folded around aramid fiber cords to produce beads. This ‘open’ design performs like a tubular, yet conveniently mounts like a standard clincher tire. If combined with a Latex inner tube the ride becomes even closer to that of a tubular, offering excellent traction and cornering, low rolling resistance and shock absorption.