BBB - HighSix OS 31.8



BBB - HIGHSIX OS (31.8) / BHS-29

The HighSix OS is designed to allow for maximum freedom when adjusting the handlebar stem for oversized trekking handlebars. The maximum 40 degrees upwards angle raises the upper body and eases pressure on the lower back. The other way around, a maximum 40 degrees downwards angle creates a more aerodynamic position.

Bar bore / centre diameter: 31.8mm
Angle: -40/+40 degree
High angle for comfortable riding and improved steering control
Low angle for speed and reduced wind resistance
Sizes: 90, 110 and 130mm
Weight: 264 grams
For oversized trekking handlebars
3D forged 6061 T6 aluminium
Stainless steel bolts