1-Finger; HC-W; Wide Reach Aluminium Lever Blade Carbotecture



Inspired by the  requirements of Downhill World Champion Loïc Bruni, the new HC WIDE  REACH lever blade (HC-W) is optimized for large hands and offers a wide  lever width adjustment.

In contrast to the weight-optimized 3D-printed version (HC LOIC BRUNI), the new HC WIDE REACH blade is made of  die-cast aluminium, contributing to a very attractive price. It’s  available in two versions – for Carbotecture® and for Carbotecture SL®  brake masters – assuring compatibility with all MAGURA MT disc brakes  for model year 2015 and later.

This is for the Carbotecture Brake Masters which include the MT30, MT Sport, MTS, MT4, MT5, and MT Trail Sport Models.

REACH ADJUST               
The bar to lever distance can be adjusted quick and simple to your personal preferences.

Adapted to meet the special wishes of the world champion – a short 1-finger  lever blade, a long reach and a digital braking feel. The new lever  blade also offers comfortable ergonomics, especially for large hands.